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Twenty Knots Bespoke House Membership Sponsor

Twenty Knots Bespoke House Membership Sponsor

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Introducing Twenty Knots Sponsor: Drive Traffic, Engage Community!

Support Local Artisans and Creatives this summer with the $100 Twenty Knots Sponsorship package from Bespoke House. Support your local community while enjoying exclusive benefits.

Gift 5 Twenty Knots Memberships to talented artisans on the First Coast. We'll organize an exciting ice cream token scavenger hunt, directing traffic to your business. This promotion coincides with our Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes. Get multimedia promotions through Bespoke House's social media and live stream channels. Each Membership includes 2 entries into our Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes, with up to $10k in giveaways. This incentivizes traffic to your business, or event. 

We also have a Prize Contribution Option for Artists or Businesses that would like to contribute to the Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes ending September 23, 2023.

Twenty Knots is a social club of artisans and their patrons who enjoy early access to new collections from our Founding Members and Residents. Enjoy exclusive events like dinner parties, art galleries, and film screenings hosted by Bespoke House.

Support local artisans and engage the community. Your sponsorship contributes directly to the creative arts on the First Coast. 

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Sponsorship Benefits
Increased Brand Visibility
Targeted Audience Reach
Networking Opportunities
Brand Association
Marketing Collateral
Digital Promotion
  1. SEO Keyword Rich Article: We will create a compelling and SEO keyword-rich article highlighting your business's support of the art community. This article will showcase your commitment to local artisans, the impact you're making, and the unique value you bring to the community.

  2. Social Media Captions: We'll craft five captivating social media captions to promote the article across your platforms. These captions will entice your audience, generate curiosity, and drive engagement. They will highlight the importance of supporting the art community and direct followers to read the article.

  3. Email Newsletter Mention: We'll include a dedicated mention of the article in your email newsletter. This mention will intrigue your subscribers, enticing them to learn more about your business's support of the art community. We'll ensure the newsletter copy aligns with your brand voice and captures attention.

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