Collection: Discover Our Programs at Bespoke House Artisan Community

Welcome to the Bespoke House Artisan Community!

Our vibrant hub is dedicated to empowering the First Coast's creative class through a range of dynamic and supportive programs. Explore what we have to offer and find the perfect fit for your artistic journey.

Step into the spotlight with our Art Curation Program. Featuring artisans across the creative spectrum, this program highlights your work in our gallery exhibits and partner locations. Benefit from increased exposure through our live stream programming, workshops, and special events.

1. Vending Program

Embrace the opportunity to showcase and sell your work. Our Vending Program, open to members with 'Twenty Knots' and higher memberships, includes coworking hours, networking opportunities, and entries into our monthly artisan markets and gallery exhibits. Artisan level members enjoy dedicated retail space and preferred gallery placement, ensuring your creations stand out.

2. Workshops/Events

Host or participate in a diverse array of workshops and events. Our program enables members to organize pop-up events, exhibitions, and immersive experiences with a split revenue ticket structure. This is your stage to engage with the community, showcase your talents, and make the most of our multimedia production capabilities.

4. Multi Media Production

If you can dream it, we can capture it. Our Multi Media Production services offer live streaming, film studios, equipment rental, and more. This program is the backbone of our community, giving a voice and a platform to every artisan.

5. Bespoke Publishing House

Ready to publish? Our Bespoke Publishing House is here to guide you, whether you're an author, podcaster, musician, or performance artist. We offer a wide range of services and support, helping you bring your books, movies, albums, comics, magazines, and more to life.

6. Accessible Spaces and Resources

Dive into a world of creativity with our coworking spaces and dedicated studios. Our referral and job placement programs, alongside our ever-growing community, provide the support and connections you need to thrive in the creative industry.


Thanks to our community of sponsors, we offer unprecedented opportunities for the creative class to "Speak for Something." Our sponsorship program extends benefits to the community and sponsors alike, including outreach, event features, and exclusive giveaways.

Join us at Bespoke House and be a part of a community where creativity flourishes, connections are made, and dreams are realized. For more details, visit our Memberships page or contact us to learn how you can be a part of this exciting journey.