Collection: Gallery Exhibition Program

At Bespoke House, we are committed to offering artists a unique and accessible platform to showcase their creative works in a professional gallery setting. Our program is designed to cater to artists at different stages of their careers, providing them with the support and exposure necessary to thrive in the art world.

Call to Artists

To participate in our gallery exhibition program, artists are encouraged to subscribe to a membership starting at $20 per month. Our membership is the gateway to a range of exclusive services and opportunities designed to enhance the artist's journey and visibility in the art community.

*Please ensure your membership is active to receive discounted submission fees to the gallery.*


Our Commitment

Bespoke House is dedicated to creating a vibrant and nurturing environment for artists. We believe in the power of art to connect, inspire, and provoke thought. Our goal is to ensure that every artist who joins our program feels supported, valued, and given a fair opportunity to succeed.