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Hot Duval Summer: Twenty Knots

Hot Duval Summer: Twenty Knots

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Join Twenty Knots social club and become a part of a community of distinguished artisans and their patrons.

Twenty Knots members enjoy early access to a variety of events such as dinner parties, art galleries, film screenings, and more hosted by Bespoke House.


Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes

For a limited time, your membership includes two entries into the Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes, where supporting local artisans, businesses, and events are prepared to keep you cool. We've got a sizzling prize package worth a whopping $10,000 up for grabs!

  1. Twenty Knots Membership: This membership includes two entries into the Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes. It provides you with the opportunity to participate in the excitement and have a chance at winning fantastic prizes.

  2. Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes Package: The Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes Package offers six entries into the sweepstakes. Along with the entries, you will also receive a specially designed t-shirt and a poster. It's a comprehensive package that enhances your chances of winning while adding some cool merchandise to your collection.

  3. Annual Subscription: The Annual Subscription is a premium offering that gives you the ultimate experience. With this subscription, you receive twenty entries into the Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes. Additionally, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits like a personalized Duval Hot Summer Sweepstakes Shirt featuring YOU as a Digital Portrait from Erin Meyers, and a flyer where you are immortalized as one of our community characters through the sweepstakes. Plus, you'll save $40 compared to individual entries.

Picture this: you could be rocking stylish, handcrafted apparel from Kalypso Couture, showcasing exquisite hand-blown borosilicate glass pieces from Blind Bear Art and Fist Pickle Glass, and adorning your walls with stunning original artwork from the talented artisans at Bespoke House. And that's just the beginning.

How do you get in on the action? Well, it's as easy as joining the Bespoke House Twenty Knots membership. By becoming a member, you'll receive two entries into the Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes.

Throughout the summer, we're hiding ice cream cones all over town. Find one, and you'll get two additional free entries into the sweepstakes. These hidden treats are sponsored by our fantastic local small businesses, so let's show them some love!

Remember, the more ice cream cones you find, the better your chances of winning the Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes. So get out there, attend local events, and support our amazing local businesses. Duval's summer heat won't stand a chance!

Let's make the Hot Duval Summer Sweepstakes the talk of the town. Get ready to heat up the summer like only Duval can!

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Bespoke House Artisan Community

At Bespoke House, we're dedicated to exploring the world of craftsmanship with artisans in Northeast Florida. With your membership, you'll have the opportunity to meet these talented artisans and learn about their unique crafts. We guarantee that you'll have some amazing adventures along the way!

Your monthly contribution directly supports the creative arts on the First Coast, so you can feel good about your membership. Plus, you'll receive 10 hours of coworking access and a Garden Club pass. Join us today and discover a world of elegance and creativity!

Membership Benefits Twenty Knots
Monthly Cost $20
Access to New Collections by Bespoke House Founding Partners Yes
Early Access to Events, Dinner Parties, Art Galleries, Film Screenings, and More Yes
Coworking Access 10 hours per month
Garden Club Pass Yes
Support for Creative Arts on the First Coast Yes


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