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Resident Artisan Monthly Membership

Resident Artisan Monthly Membership

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Membership Plan

🎨 Resident Artisan Monthly Membership at Bespoke House 🏠🏡

🔥 Your creative endeavors backed by benefits tailored for creative and business professionals.

💼 Membership Options:

Resident Artisan: $500/month including creative development, business development. Bespoke Capital Advancement Program Available to Annual Members up to a $2000 ZERO PERCENT INTEREST working capital loan. Loan Applications are available following a 90 Day Discovery Period or with Approval of the House Board. Our Master Artisans vote twice a year on Capital Developments. For more information visit

1. 🛋️ Bespoke Workspace: Inspiring workspace designed for master artisans.
2. 📖 Directory Listing: Showcase in our exclusive Bespoke House Directory.
3. 🗄️ Locker Storage: Secure your tools and materials.
4. 📊 Event Booking and Business Services: 50% Off
5. 🕒 24/7 Access: Work when inspiration strikes.
6. 🏢 Business Address: Boost your brand image.
7. ✍️ Copywriting: Expert help for your content.
8. 📣 Marketing Packages: Reach new audiences.

Join a vibrant community, unlock your creativity! 🚀🌟
*Additional fees may apply.* 📝

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