Welcome to Bespoke House

Welcome to Bespoke House

Bespoke House Artisan Community

Welcome to Bespoke House

Our vibrant community is home to creators, digital nomads, crafters, and artisans from various backgrounds, all of whom contribute to the rich tapestry of talents and crafts present at Bespoke House. We believe in empowering talented individuals to create, collaborate, and grow. Utilize our studio gallery with live stream features, serene courtyard, cozy lounge spaces, and inspiring libraries. Perfect for any gathering! We offer custom workspaces and resources to suit member needs, certified appraisals for artworks, and added liability insurance for your exhibited artwork. Premium members have access to personalized advice, marketing support, and opportunities to connect with art enthusiasts and collectors.


Our Mission

The Bespoke House mission is to provide a springboard powered by technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit empowered by Master Artisans from around the First Coast. We foster a greater purpose beyond profit, spontaneous collaboration, and ground-breaking innovation. All Bespoke House Memberships are a paid subscription service, ensuring every artist who joins our program feels supported, valued, and given a fair opportunity to succeed.

Our Offerings

Art Gallery:

  • Gallery exhibits
  • Partner locations
  • Certified appraisals


  • Coworking hours, networking opportunities
  • Artisan markets, gallery exhibits

Workshops and Events:

  • Organize pop-up events, exhibitions, immersive experiences


  • Use our stage to engage with the community, showcase your talents


  • Books, movies, albums, comics, magazines, and more

Membership Options

$20 Twenty Knots is a social club of artisans and their patrons who enjoy early access to new collections and events. With your membership, you'll have the opportunity to meet talented artisans, learn about their unique creative endeavors, and contribute directly to the First Coast Creative Class.

$150 Artisan members enjoy certified appraisals, retail placement, access to grants, featured exhibitions, and vending opportunities, shaping the future of creativity.

$500 Resident Artists enjoy exclusive placement, certified appraisals, private studio space, and more, leading and inspiring within the creative class.

$750 Master Artists join a vibrant collective dedicated to artistic and business excellence, enjoying private studio/gallery space, retail placement, access to grants, and more.

Explore what we have to offer and find the perfect fit for your artistic journey at BespokeHouseJax.com.

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