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Urban Art Unfenced: Bespoke House Public Tag Site

Urban Art Unfenced: Bespoke House Public Tag Site

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Gotta Be Quick
& Finish Your Art
If You’re
Just Show
Up & Do It.

For a small $10 donation, you get the chance to make your artistic mark on our fence at the Bespoke House Community Campus. Bring your own or donate $10 and receive a can of spray paint to contribute to this collective masterpiece, blending individual creativity with community spirit.

Where Your Donation Goes:

Your donation doesn't just buy paint; it helps expand our artistic landscape. Funds are used to construct additional fences, creating more space for creative expression. They also support the Mural Party Series, connecting muralists with spaces across the First Coast, enhancing our community's beauty and unity.

Join the Movement:

This project welcomes artists of all levels to contribute to a growing mural of shared stories and visions. The Public Tag Site is more than a place to paint; it's a space where artists converge to celebrate creativity and community.

Make Your Mark:

Step into Bespoke House and transform our fence time and time again into a vibrant showcase of collective creativity. Your contribution is a stroke in the larger picture of community art and collaboration.

It's not just about painting; it's about contributing to a community canvas that reflects the spirit and talent of the First Coast. Join us in making a difference, one spray can at a time.

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