Bespoke House Crew

The Bespoke House mission is to provide a springboard powered by technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit empowered by Master Artisans from around the First Coast. Bespoke House will do this by fostering the following values: a greater purpose beyond profit, spontaneous collaboration, and ground-breaking innovation.

Artisan Community Founding Members

Michael Armanno

Executive Director, Drip Broker, Founding Member of Bespoke House

"Michael Armanno, Executive Director at Bespoke House, fuses high-luxury fashion and community-building expertise."

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His journey with Bespoke House began serendipitously in his downtown Jacksonville retail store, where his path crossed with Blind Bear, a talented glass artist. This meeting blossomed into a deep friendship and a collaborative venture, blending digital media strategies with handblown glass designs for Armanno's high-end fashion brand, Kalypso Couture. Recognizing their shared need for a space to nurture and expand their creative visions, together they embarked on a journey to establish Bespoke House, a haven for First Coast creatives.

Josh Weber

Dream Weaver, Blind Bear, Founding Member of Bespoke House

"Josh 'Blind Bear' Weber, COO of Bespoke House, melds operational acumen with a passion for glass blowing."

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Josh Weber, known in the artistic community as Blind Bear, serves as the Chief Operations Officer and Dream Weaver at Bespoke House, where he blends his operational expertise with an unwavering passion for art. His journey as a working artist spans over a decade, with a special focus on glass blowing—a craft he discovered and honed starting at a music festival. This unexpected encounter with glass blowing turned into a fervent pursuit, fundamentally shaping his artistic trajectory. Blind Bear’s creations are not just products of meticulous skill; they are embodiments of spontaneity and a profound personal connection to the art form, making each piece distinctively unique and captivating.

Bespoke House Crew Members

Amber Lee

Art Director, Abstract Artist

"Amber Lee, Art Director at Bespoke House, explores diverse art forms with an intuitive approach."

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Amber Lee is a multi-faceted artist whose journey at Bespoke House has been marked by fearless creativity and diverse artistry. With a rich background in fine arts, she ventured into various mediums, including abstract painting, illustration, printmaking, and fiber arts, mastering a unique blend of techniques. Her art, characterized by a blend of acrylics, ink, gouache, and digital collage, is a testament to her commitment to experimentation and self-expression. At Bespoke House, Amber plays a pivotal role, not only as a creator but also as a mentor and collaborator, deeply involved in workshops and creative programs. Her contributions are instrumental in nurturing a vibrant community of artisans.

Woo Etheridge

Editor-in-Chief of Bespoke Publishing House, Author and Visual Artist

"Woo Etheridge, Editor-in-Chief at Bespoke Publishing, champions indie publishing and artistic storytelling."

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Founded by Woo Etheridge in partnership with Bespoke House, Bespoke Publishing House emerged in response to a genuine need within our community. Inspired by Woo’s indie publishing journey, we recognized the lack of guidance available to local authors and creatives seeking publication. Thus, Bespoke Publishing House was born with a mission to provide tailored solutions that empower and uplift our creative class.


Jess Williams

Member Coordinator, Visual Artist

"Jess Williams, aka Wylde Frau, blends nature and art as Bespoke House's Member Coordinator and eco-conscious artist."

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Jess Williams, professionally known as Wylde Frau, serves as the Member Coordinator at Bespoke House, where her role extends beyond administrative tasks to infusing the community with her unique artistic spirit. An adept visual artist, her work is a vibrant tapestry of eco-friendly materials and methods, including collage, watercolor, acrylics, and repurposed natural elements like leather, hemp, and wood. Williams' artistry is deeply entwined with her commitment to sustainable practices, reflecting her respect for the environment and her desire to minimize her ecological footprint.

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