Blind Bear: A Glass Blower's Journey

Blind Bear: A Glass Blower's Journey

Glass blowing is an art form that requires a high level of skill and creativity. Blind Bear is a glass blower who has made a name for himself in the art community. In this article, we will explore the origin story of Blind Bear and his creative process. We will also take a look at some of his favorite pieces and his aspirations for the future.


Blind Bear is a glass blower who has become known for his unique and creative pieces. His art has been featured in galleries and exhibits throughout the world. In this article, we will delve into the mind of Blind Bear and explore what inspires him and how he approaches his craft.

Origin Story

Blind Bear's journey as a glass blower began at a music festival where he was selling his art in other mediums. A friend invited him to learn how to blow glass with an artist named Lucky, and he decided to take the opportunity. From that point on, he was hooked. Blind Bear quickly fell in love with the art form and started to hone his skills. He began to experiment with different techniques and materials, which led to the development of his unique style.

The Creative Process

For Blind Bear, the creative process is all about the act of creating. He approaches each piece with a sense of wonder and excitement, never quite knowing what the end result will be. He enjoys the challenge of working with glass, which can be unpredictable and unforgiving. Blind Bear's process involves a lot of experimentation and trial and error. He is always pushing himself to try new things and take his art to the next level.

Favorite Piece

Blind Bear's favorite piece is a clear hollow bear rig. This piece is special to him because it was the first of its kind. He spent a lot of time developing the design and figuring out how to create it. The piece represents a significant milestone in Blind Bear's career and is a testament to his creativity and skill.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Blind Bear has big plans for the future. He wants to continue to push the boundaries of glass blowing and explore new techniques and styles. He is also interested in collaborating with other artists and expanding his reach beyond the art community. Blind Bear's ultimate goal is to create pieces that inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

Bespoke House and Blind Bear's Journey

Bespoke House has played an important role in Blind Bear's journey as a glass blower. As a member, he has had access to top-of-the-line equipment and resources that have allowed him to take his art to the next level. Blind Bear has also had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and showcase his work in galleries and exhibits. He is grateful for the support and encouragement he has received from the Bespoke House community.

Advice for Aspiring First Coast Artisans

Blind Bear's advice for aspiring First Coast Artisans is simple: don't stop. He encourages artists to keep pushing themselves and experimenting with different mediums and techniques. He also emphasizes the importance of persistence and hard work. Blind Bear believes that anyone can become an artist if they are willing to put in the time and effort.

Blind Bear's Artisan Profile

Blind Bear's artisan profile showcases some of his most impressive moments in his career with glass art. Here are a few photos that highlight the experience and beauty of his work:

These captivating pieces demonstrate Blind Bear's skill in manipulating glass to create unique shapes, textures, and colors. Each artwork tells a story and reflects his artistic vision.

If you're interested in exploring more of Blind Bear's art, you can visit his Instagram page at and his Facebook page at


Blind Bear's journey as a glass blower has been one of passion, creativity, and continuous growth. From humble beginnings at a music festival to becoming a renowned artist, Blind Bear has never stopped pushing the boundaries of his craft. His commitment to experimentation, hard work, and collaboration has led to the creation of extraordinary glass art that captivates audiences worldwide.

As Blind Bear continues on his bespoke journey, he aims to inspire and empower fellow artisans, encouraging them to pursue their artistic dreams with dedication and resilience. Through his unique pieces and artistic vision, Blind Bear has become a source of inspiration for aspiring First Coast Artisans.


Q1: How long has Blind Bear been blowing glass?

Blind Bear started his glass blowing journey after being introduced to the art form at a music festival. He has been blowing glass for several years, refining his skills and developing his unique style.

Q2: What makes Blind Bear's art unique?

Blind Bear's art stands out due to his innovative designs and attention to detail. He combines different techniques and materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase his artistic vision.

Q3: Does Blind Bear offer workshops or classes for aspiring glass blowers?

At the moment, Blind Bear does not offer workshops or classes. However, he encourages aspiring glass blowers to explore local art schools and studios that may provide the necessary training and resources.

Q4: Where can I see Blind Bear's art in person?

Blind Bear's art is often exhibited in galleries and art shows. Keep an eye out for local exhibitions and events featuring his work. Additionally, you can follow him on social media for updates on upcoming showcases.

Q5: Can I commission a custom piece from Blind Bear?

Blind Bear occasionally takes on custom commissions. If you're interested in a custom glass art piece, reach out to him through his social media channels or website to discuss the details and availability.

Thank you for joining us on this journey into the world of Blind Bear, the talented glass blower.

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