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At Bespoke House, we are dedicated to not just fostering creativity, but also to providing tangible opportunities for our members to showcase and sell their art. Our Vendor Roster Program is a strategic amenity offered to full access level members, designed to enhance their professional presence and sales opportunities within the vibrant First Coast art scene.

Scouting and Selection:

  • Our Artisans are constantly on the lookout for prime vending opportunities throughout the First Coast region, ensuring our members have access to high-traffic venues and events.
  • We meticulously select vending opportunities that align with our community's ethos and the artistic styles of our members, ensuring a cohesive and effective selling environment.

Collaborative Displays:

  • To alleviate individual financial burdens, members are encouraged to coordinate group displays. This collaborative approach allows sharing of fees and associated costs, making participation in high-profile events more accessible.
  • Bespoke House facilitates the organization of these group displays, ensuring a smooth and cooperative experience for all involved members.

Onsite and Partner Events:

  • In addition to offsite events, Bespoke House proudly hosts a variety of events both onsite at our campus and at partner locations. These events are specially curated to feature our members’ artistry and to attract a diverse audience of art enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Members are invited to feature their works at these events without any additional participation fees. It's our way of saying thank you and giving back to our community of artists.

Vendor Roster Benefits:

  • The Vendor Roster is not just a list; it's a pathway to increased visibility, networking, and sales.
  • Members on the roster can expect strategic promotion of their participation in events, both through Bespoke House’s established marketing channels and through collaborative promotion with event organizers.
  • Direct support from the Bespoke House team in terms of logistics, set-up, and sales advice is provided, ensuring members can focus on showcasing their best work.

Program Accessibility:

  • This program is a standout amenity of full access level memberships, highlighting our commitment to providing comprehensive support to our artists.
  • It’s an open invitation for our members to take advantage of the robust art market within the First Coast, without the worry of prohibitive costs.

The Bespoke House Vendor Roster Program is not just about vending; it's about community, collaboration, and celebrating the success of our members. It's about creating opportunities where art meets its admirers and where our members meet their next opportunity. Join us, and let's bring your art to the forefront of the First Coast’s flourishing creative marketplace.

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