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Last Call Prom: Graffiti Gala Presented by Kalypso Couture and Every 68 Seconds Project

Last Call Prom: Graffiti Gala Presented by Kalypso Couture and Every 68 Seconds Project

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Join us for an evening where art, fashion, and philanthropy converge at the highly anticipated Last Call Prom: Graffiti Gala. This unique event promises not only a night of unparalleled elegance and creativity but also an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the community. Hosted by Kalypso Couture and the Every 68 Seconds Project, the gala features an exceptional lineup of live art, artisan vendors, immersive experiences, and the chance to capture the moment with prom photos, all set against the backdrop of a vibrant graffiti-themed atmosphere.

Event Highlights:

  • Live Art Performances: Witness the creation of masterpieces in real-time as talented artists bring their visions to life before your eyes.
  • Artisan Market: Explore a curated selection of handcrafted items from local artisans, perfect for finding that unique piece you've been searching for.
  • Immersive Experiences: Dive into a world of creativity with experiences designed to engage all your senses, leaving you inspired and awed.
  • Prom Photos: Step into our themed photo booth and immortalize the night with professional prom photos—a keepsake from an unforgettable evening.

A Cause Worth Celebrating: Your attendance does more than just guarantee an unforgettable night; it supports vital causes. The $68 entry fee directly benefits the Every 68 Seconds Project and the Bespoke House Artisan Community, aiding in their efforts to combat sexual assault and promote healing through art. Couples tickets are $100!

Every 68 Seconds Project is the brainchild of artist and model Samantha Dallett and photographer Brian Fry.

Meet Michael Armanno, the Drip Broker: Discover the world of Michael Armanno, Principal Designer of Kalypso Couture and a founding member of the Bespoke House. Known for his innovative designs and commitment to sustainable craftsmanship, Michael brings a unique blend of style and individuality to the fashion industry.

An Evening of Elegance and Purpose: Kalypso Couture is renowned for its bespoke suits, combining timeless elegance with modern technology to ensure a perfect fit. This event embodies our belief that true style reflects the wearer's unique personality and spirit.

Join Us: Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate creativity, support a great cause, and experience an evening like no other. The Last Call Prom: Graffiti Gala is more than just an event—it's a movement towards a future where art and empathy go hand in hand. Book your tickets now and be part of this unforgettable night.

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