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From the heart of Jacksonville, FL, we, Bespoke House, an artisan community, proudly declare the inception of our Film Coast initiative. Our mission has always been to act as a springboard for creative endeavors, powered by technological innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and the mastery of artisans hailing from the expanses of the First Coast. At the core of our endeavor lies a belief in a greater purpose beyond profit, the magic of spontaneous collaboration, and the promise of ground-breaking innovation.

Jacksonville, once hailed as the “Winter Film Capital of the World” during the silent film era, has a rich cinematic history that dates back to the early 20th century. Our city’s favorable climate, picturesque landscapes, and architectural diversity made it a prime location for filmmakers. During that golden era, over 30 film studios called Jacksonville home, and our streets buzzed with the creative energies of stars, directors, and cinematographers. However, with time, the cinematic focus shifted westward, leaving our pristine shores longing for the reels.

The Film Coast initiative is born out of a desire to rekindle Jacksonville’s cinematic legacy and provide a modern-day haven for film and multimedia production on the First Coast. Our multimedia facilities, amenities, and resources stand ready to inspire and beckon the First Coast Creatives. We aim to transform Jacksonville into a hub where creativity melds with technology, birthing cinematic marvels that captivate audiences globally.

We envision Film Coast as a beacon, drawing content creators to relocate the center of cinematic storytelling back to its rightful home here in Jacksonville, FL. With the scenic beauty of our coastlines, and the historical backdrop of our cityscapes, Jacksonville is not just fitting, but an exemplary locale for multimillion-dollar cinematic productions.

By fostering a community bound by the love for storytelling, an appreciation for artistic craftsmanship, and a drive for innovation, we aim to script a new chapter in Jacksonville’s cinematic narrative. Through Film Coast, we invite filmmakers, storytellers, and creatives at heart to join us in this grand endeavor.

Let the reels roll on the First Coast once more, as we take strides into a future bright with cinematic promise under the banner of Film Coast.

Bespoke House


This declaration serves as an invitation and a promise, bridging Jacksonville’s illustrious past with a vision for a vibrant cinematic future, encapsulated in the essence of Film Coast.

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