Offerings for Artisans and Creators

Offerings for Artisans and Creators:

  1. Live Stream:

    • Master Artisan on stage for a 1-hour live stream.
    • Hosted through Bespoken For.
    • Stream distributed through in-house channels.
    • Artisan receives the stream for personal or business use.
    • Production results in two reels and ten photos.
  2. SEO-Rich Article:

    • Engaging article written to promote the live stream and replay.
    • Includes relevant keywords and hashtags for better visibility.
  3. SEO-Rich Captions:

    • Ten captivating captions with emojis, hashtags, and keywords.
    • Designed to promote the article and live stream.
  4. Workshop/Course Production:

    • Similar process to live stream production.
    • Instead of redistribution, the content is transformed into a sellable course.
    • Artisan gains full control over selling and distribution.
    • An upcharge applies for this package.

Ideal Package:

  • Combined offering of live stream production and course production.
  • Workshop/course readily available while live stream promotes it.

Target Audience:

  • Artisans and creators seeking an effortless way to create consistent, impactful content.