Guide to Referring New Members to Bespoke House

Welcome to Bespoke House, the coworking space for artisans and creatives. We believe in the power of community and collaboration, and we are always happy to welcome new members into our community. This guide is intended to help our current members refer new members to Bespoke House, using our Artisan Focused Sales Experience program.

Artisan Focused Sales Experience Program

Our Artisan Focused Sales Experience program is designed to help our members introduce and onboard new members to our community. It includes the following steps:

Meet + Greet

The first step is the Meet + Greet. Our Artisan Community Members will introduce themselves and show prospective members around our Bespoke House Coworking Campus. They will highlight their own featured work in the galleries, retail space, cafe, or event spaces across campus.

Needs Analysis

Next, our members will ask questions to understand the needs and goals of the prospective member. They will discuss which resources and amenities may be available to them, as well as services offered by Bespoke House.

Membership Selection

Based on the needs analysis, our members will recommend the most suitable membership plan for the prospective member. Our membership plans are designed to meet the needs of creatives at every stage of their journey, from day passes to premium memberships.

Amenities + Resources Demonstration

Our Artisan Community Members will then provide a demonstration of the amenities and resources available at Bespoke House, showcasing how they can benefit the prospective member's business. This is a great opportunity to highlight some of the services or amenities the referring member uses and how they benefit.

Longevity Bonus

Our Artisan Community Members will explain the different membership plans available, including pricing and benefits. We offer 15% off for three month memberships, 20% off for six month memberships, and 25% off for annual memberships. For detailed information on our membership plans, please visit our Membership Pricing Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer any questions the prospective member may have about Bespoke House and our community. This may be a great opportunity to introduce one of the Founding Members.

Founding Member Introductions

Introduce the prospective member to our Founding Members, providing them with an opportunity to connect and network with Master Artisans across the first coast.

Welcome and Onboarding

Once the prospective member decides to join, our Master Artisans will welcome them and guide them through the onboarding process. This includes development on any services included in their membership, an artisan profile including in each membership, and their directory link.

Business Development Profile Follow Up

Our Artisan Community Members will follow up with the new member to ensure they are settling in well and offer any additional support they may need. Mentors and Master Artisans may follow up with new members to offer a comprehensive business development overview that will maximize their time and resources at Bespoke House.

With the Artisan Focused Sales Experience program, our Artisan Community Members are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide a personalized and welcoming experience to prospective members. Start inviting your friends and colleagues to join Bespoke House today and earn credits towards your membership plan! Learn more about our Membership Referral Program here.

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