Nick Bennett and His Passion for Analog Film Photography

Nick Bennett and His Passion for Analog Film Photography

In the world of photography, some artists stand out for their unique approach to capturing moments. One such artist is Nick Bennett, an enthusiast of analog film photography. We explore this through the lens of the Last Call Prom, hosted at Bespoke House in June. We delve into Nick Bennett's journey, inspirations, creative process, future aspirations, and his recent involvement with Bespoke House. Let's explore the fascinating world of this talented photographer.

How Nick Bennett Started His Craft

Nick Bennett's foray into photography came about in an unexpected way. Frustrated with the limitations of his phone's camera, he decided to invest in a digital camera to pursue landscape and nature photography. However, fate had other plans for him. While rummaging through his basement, he stumbled upon an old film camera. Intrigued, he decided to give it a try. The experience of taking photographs with film turned out to be more engaging than digital photography, instantly hooking him. This marked the beginning of his love affair with analog film photography.

The Inspiration Behind Nick Bennett's Work

Nick Bennett's work is fueled by his fascination with good light and the humanity he finds in the people he photographs. For him, every individual possesses a unique beauty and personality that deserves to be captured on film. Through his lens, he aims to immortalize the essence of his subjects, creating timeless pieces of art that resonate with viewers.

The Favorite Part of Nick Bennett's Creative Process

The creative process in film photography is a sensory and tactile experience for Nick Bennett. From manually adjusting settings and focus to winding each frame, every step is a journey in itself. However, his ultimate satisfaction comes from framing up an image through the finder, knowing that he has an incredible shot. The thrill of capturing that perfect moment on film is what makes his craft truly rewarding.

Future Goals and Aspirations

As an aspiring artisan, Nick Bennett envisions growing his business and promoting the enduring charm of film photography, especially in portraiture. Through his captivating images, he aims to demonstrate that film photography is not only alive and well but also an ideal medium for capturing the human essence in portraits.

Bespoke House and Nick Bennett's Journey

Nick Bennett's journey as a vintage photographer has been uplifted by Bespoke House, where he has found validation and encouragement from fellow artists. Being a member and affiliate with Kalypso Couture, he has had the opportunity to connect with a diverse clientele eager to embrace the nostalgia and charm of his work.

Nick Bennett's love for analog film photography is evident in every frame he captures. His journey from frustration to fascination showcases the power of discovery and following one's passion. Through his lens, he invites us to appreciate the beauty of human connections and the artistry of film photography.


  1. What equipment does Nick Bennett use for analog film photography? Nick Bennett utilizes various vintage film cameras, which add a distinct character to his photographs.

  2. Does Nick Bennett still shoot digital photography? While Nick primarily focuses on analog film photography, he occasionally ventures into the digital realm for specific projects.

  3. How does Nick Bennett choose his portrait subjects? Nick Bennett looks for individuals whose personalities resonate with him, seeking to capture their essence in each portrait.

  4. Does Nick Bennett offer photography workshops? Yes, Nick occasionally hosts workshops to share his passion for film photography and inspire others to explore this medium.

  5. Where can I view Nick Bennett's photography portfolio? You can find Nick Bennett's impressive portfolio on his website,

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