Introducing the Talented Artisan: Chelsea Priester

Introducing the Talented Artisan: Chelsea Priester

Bespoke House is thrilled to introduce one of the many talented artisans who will be showcased at our upcoming Mythological Open House event. Chelsea Priester is a gifted artist who works with acrylic paints and other materials to bring her inspiration to life on canvas.

Priester draws inspiration from nature, people, and quirky things in life, and her unique style blends the spooky and the vibrant. Her love for blending Halloween with neon colors is evident in her paintings, and it's no surprise that her first canvas was a greyscale painting of a skull with a sailor's hat and cigar in its mouth.

Growing up in a military family and constantly moving, Priester found solace in creating art, spending hours drawing cartoon characters or painting her bedroom walls. Throughout the years, she's had the support of amazing people who have encouraged her and helped shape her art.

Priester's favorite part of the creative process is the journey from imagination to brush on canvas, which is never the same but always beautiful. Her favorite piece to date is the skull painting that was purchased by a gentleman who also got it tattooed on his arm, a moment that Priester will never forget.

As for her future goals and aspirations on her Bespoke journey, Priester hopes to be inspired and surrounded by like-minded people. She'd love to have more opportunities to showcase her art and be a part of this fantastic community.

Speaking of community, Bespoke House has been a source of inspiration and encouragement for Priester. As a guest, she is humbly thankful for the chance to get out of her comfort zone, paint new ideas, and go big.

For aspiring First Coast artisans, Priester offers some valuable advice: never think you're not good enough, take risks, and never give up on your dreams. And there's no better place to showcase your talent than the Mythological Open House at Bespoke House, where Priester and other talented artists will be displaying their works inspired by a range of mythological creatures. Don't miss out on this unforgettable night of art, music, and celebration!

The Mythological Open House event at Bespoke House will take place on April 29th and will showcase talented artists from the First Coast, such as Michael Armanno, Erin Meyers, Connor Poovey, Amanda Rosenblatt, Heather King, Leilani Leo, Jolene DuBray, and Chelsea Priester. Admission is free, and all are welcome to attend this fantastic event that celebrates the creativity and imagination of the First Coast's talented artists. Follow Bespoke House's social media channels for sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes looks. And mark your calendars for the Mythological Open House After Party featuring Jax Beach Hippie and Dismantla. Join us and celebrate the magic of art!

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