Discovering the Mythical Beats of EDM: An Artisan Profile of Dismantla

Discovering the Mythical Beats of EDM: An Artisan Profile of Dismantla

Dismantla is an electronic dance music producer who believes in sharing the feelings and emotions that come with creating music for people all around the world. Music has been a part of Dismantla's life since childhood, and the theories of music incorporated into electronic soundscapes have opened a door to a completely new and unique world.

The favorite part of the creative process for Dismantla is never being completely done with a project, which is what makes music production an endless journey of discovery and creation. Dismantla's favorite piece of music created so far is "Soul Glow," which perfectly encapsulates the emotional connection shared through music.

Dismantla's Bespoke journey has been inspired by the community of artists, guests, and members who support each other on their creative paths. As a guest Dismantla has had the opportunity to grow artistically, collaborate with other talented individuals, and showcase their work at Bespoke House's events.

Dismantla's future goals on their Bespoke journey are to continue to grow as an artist, connect with other creatives, and produce music that can inspire and bring joy to people's lives. Aspiring First Coast Artisans can learn from Dismantla's dedication to their craft and never-ending quest for artistic growth.

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Make sure to catch Dismantla's performance at the Mythological Open House After Party at Bespoke House, alongside other talented First Coast artists such as Michael Armanno, Erin Meyers, Connor Poovey, Amanda Rosenblatt, Heather King, Leilani Leo, and Jolene DuBray. This free event celebrates the creativity and imagination of First Coast artists and features mythological-themed activities, entertainment, and exhibits. Follow Bespoke House's social media channels for sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes looks. Don't miss out on this unforgettable night of art, music, and celebration!

Join us at the Mythological Open House event at Bespoke House and get a chance to meet Dismantla and other talented artists. For more details, check out the event on Facebook:

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