🎬 First Coast Bespoke Film Festival Submissions Showcase 🎥

🎬 First Coast Bespoke Film Festival Submissions Showcase 🎥

First Coast Bespoke Film Festival

First Coast Bespoke Film Festival Submissions

Join us at Bespoke House for an exclusive screening of captivating submissions from our vibrant filmmaking community.

Film Submissions

  • "Zombie" by Scott Weys: A chilling tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • "Walking Around" - a short film by Gilles Bovon: An introspective journey through everyday life.
  • "Perception" - a horror/thriller short film by Claire Louise Huder: A young woman encounters a familiar intruder.
  • "A Distance from Avalon POC - The Heartbreak Monologue" by Mike Messier: An exploration of love and loss.
  • "ROSE COLORED GLASSES" by Bri Thomas: A narrative that challenges perception.
  • "The Troll Hunter" by Brian Parky: An adventurous mythic tale.
  • "Duality" by Creative Inlet Films: Exploring the complexities within.
  • "Bright Purple, K.UTIE & Jeremy Ryan - La La" by Argyle Forest Films: A musical, enchanting journey.
  • "Jeremy Ryan, Culture School - Hell Of A Night": A night filled with unexpected turns.
  • "The Invisible Hand | Creepy Creepy Adeline" by Durden Godfrey: Unveiling the mystery behind innocence.
  • "Missing Noir: Remembering" - A dramatic dive into the world of film noir.
  • "ineros we trust" by Bohemian Gardens: A film delving into trust and betrayal.

For more information and to subscribe for updates, visit our website. Join us at 4624 Park Street for a weekend of cinematic excellence!

Our platform is free for all. We encourage subscriptions to support the First Coast creative class. At 600 subscribers, we'll give away a Hot Rod Production PC, thanks to Tiny Little Tech Shop!

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