Eclectic Expressions: Exploring the Artistic Journey and Inspirations of Woo Etheridge

Eclectic Expressions: Exploring the Artistic Journey and Inspirations of Woo Etheridge

In the vast artistic landscape, the name Woo Etheridge stands out, embodying a historical eclectic approach. With the ability to draw, paint, shape, and form across a myriad of mediums, Woo's artistry is limitless.

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A Diverse Medium

Graphite, color pencils, markers, watercolors, acrylics, paper, fabric, canvas, and clay—all serve as Woo’s canvas. This diverse array reflects her willingness to embrace different forms and styles, manifesting a rich tapestry of creations.

Digital Art in a Modern Landscape

Venturing into digital art, Woo found a realm both challenging and rewarding. This medium offers ease of distribution, aligning with our technologically advanced era, making art accessible and versatile.

The Journey to IRL Artistry

Despite the digital allure, Woo feels a pull towards IRL (In Real Life) art. Projects involving prints, glass, and wood are in the pipeline, marking a shift towards tangible creations.

The Inspirations Behind the Art

Inspiration is the lifeblood of creativity. For Woo, it flows from polymaths, philosophers, and Masters of the Arts & Sciences. Names like Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, Plato, and notably, Leonardo Da Vinci, have left an indelible mark on her artistry.

Fascination with Polymaths

Woo’s obsession with polymaths is evident in her extensive study of their works. She delves deep into the sketchbooks and patterns of Leonardo Da Vinci, exploring his findings in the behavior of light & shadow.

Exploration of Light & Shadow

Da Vinci’s mastery in depicting light and shadow captivates Woo. She sees the math, the geometry, the patterns—elements foundational to her visual and poetic works.

Sacred Geometry & Spiritual Symbolism

Discovering patterns in particle physics, sacred geometry, and ancient spiritual symbolism, Woo realizes these elements are universal, transcending time and culture. They signify the perfection of math and the ancient significance of geometry, resonating as the language of God.

Origin Story: A Colorful Beginning

Every artist has an origin story. For Woo, it started with books like “Color Kittens” and “How to Draw” books, fostering a love for patterns and drawing portraits.

Early Recognition & Challenges

Recognition, awards, and exhibits marked her early education. However, the pressure of timelines and the fear of being a starving artist led to a divergence from her artistic path.

Divergence and Reconnection with Art

The journey back to her true self is beautifully narrated in her poetry book “Soul Work”, a reflection of her dark night of the soul and eventual reconnection with art.

Creative Process & Muse

The muse, an integral part of Woo’s creative process, brings forth an array of emotions. It’s a frenzy, a flow state, resulting in an artistic high, especially evident in her poetry.

The Artistic High & Flow State

This state of being, where creations perfectly flow out, leaves Woo dazed and exhilarated. It’s a preferred state, a harmonious alignment with her artistic spirit.

Poetry: Another Form of Expression

Poetry comes to Woo in a rhythm, a beat, a rush of words. It demands to be spoken, to be heard, reflecting another facet of her expressive soul.

Favorite Creations & Leonardo’s Influence

Among Woo’s creations, a digital Mandala stands out. Inspired by Gerolamo Alibrandi, a student of Leonardo Da Vinci, this piece reflects a study of shadows, angles, and hidden secrets.

Mandalas & Hidden Secrets

Leonardo’s rumored appreciation for Mandalas and the possibility of hidden sacred teachings in his works intrigue Woo. Her creation is a tribute to this facet of Leonardo’s legacy.

Future Goals & Aspirations

Planting roots as a Visual Artist on the First Coast and performing Spoken Word Poetry at Bespoke House mark Woo’s immediate goals. She aspires to reach those who need to hear her words the most.

Planting Roots as a Visual Artist

Bespoke House serves as fertile ground for Woo’s artistic growth. With several projects underway, Woo’s manifestation feels closer to completion.

Spoken Word Poetry & Performance

Improving voice, stage presence, and memorizing poetry are steps towards fulfilling a longtime dream of performing for an audience.

The Impact of Bespoke House

Bespoke House has played a pivotal role in Woo’s journey, providing a platform for networking, showcasing, and selling creations. The supportive community spirit and opportunities available to members have been invaluable.

Membership Benefits & Community Spirit

Being a member of Bespoke House, Woo has experienced support, community, and the spirit of reciprocity. It’s an empowering Art Collective that fosters growth and expansion.

Advice for Aspiring First Coast Artisans

For those aspiring to walk the artistic path, Woo’s advice is clear—Do. It. Now. Expand, be in supportive spaces, learn, ask, breathe life into your dreams, and most importantly, believe in yourself!


Woo Etheridge, a name synonymous with eclectic artistry, draws inspiration from polymaths and explores diverse mediums. From her colorful beginning to her creative process, favorite creations, future aspirations, and the impact of Bespoke House, Woo’s journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and expression. Her advice to aspiring artisans is a call to action—to breathe life into dreams and believe in oneself.



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  1. What mediums does Woo Etheridge work with?

    • Woo works with a diverse range of mediums including graphite, color pencils, markers, watercolors, acrylics, paper, fabric, canvas, and clay.
  2. Who are Woo’s biggest inspirations?

    • Woo draws inspiration from polymaths, philosophers, and Masters of the Arts & Sciences like Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, Plato, and notably, Leonardo Da Vinci.
  3. What is Woo’s creative process like?

    • Woo experiences an artistic high and flow state during her creative process. Poetry also serves as another form of expression for her.
  4. What are Woo’s future goals?

    • Woo aims to establish herself as a Visual Artist on the First Coast and perform Spoken Word Poetry at Bespoke House.
  5. How has Bespoke House impacted Woo’s artistic journey?

    • Bespoke House has provided a platform for networking, showcasing, and selling her creations, while offering a supportive community and numerous opportunities for growth.
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