The Artistic Journey of Summer Van Mun

The Artistic Journey of Summer Van Mun

Embarking on a journey through the colorful and healing world of Summer Van Mun reveals a tale of courage, love, and acceptance. Summer is not just an artist; she’s a healing artist, delving into realms where computers have yet to tread, creating wonders through various mediums and inspired by the power of acceptance and love.

Origin Story: Finding Solace in Art

Escaping Life’s Pain through Art

From the tender age of three, Summer Van Mun started using art as a sanctuary from life’s physical and emotional pains. Severe accidents and challenging life transitions pushed her towards her craft, where she found solace and validation.

Art as a Safe Zone

Art became Summer’s safe zone, a tranquil place where she could escape, explore her creativity, and receive validation for her unique perspective on life and healing.

Mediums and Methods

Healing through Fascial and Energy Mobilization

Summer employs fascial and energy mobilization as part of her healing artistry. These techniques serve as a testament to her commitment to promoting well-being and balance through her work.

The Beauty of Herbalism

Herbalism plays a significant role in Summer’s creations, allowing her to craft all kinds of wonderful healing things. It’s a medium that blends ancient wisdom with modern application, adding a unique touch to her art.

The Magic of Pyrography and Multi-Media

Summer explores the enchanting world of pyrography, multi-media, poetry, and thoughts, playing with various elements in unexpected ways and pushing the boundaries of conventional artistry.

The Inspirational Process

The Struggle and Triumph of Creation

Summer cherishes every part of the creative process, from the initial inspiration to the struggle during the awkward stage, and finally, the joy of seeing her work well-received.

Crafting the Unimaginable with Everyday Objects

Summer enjoys playing with anything in ways not intended or expected, crafting the unimaginable with everyday objects like gourds and sticks, showcasing her innovative approach to art.

A Masterpiece: The Coy Fish

Blending Techniques for a Unique Finish

Summer’s favorite piece to date is a 51" x 10" coy fish, a pyrography piece finished with watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil, representing her versatile skills and unique artistic vision.

Future Aspirations and Bespoke House

Networking and Expanding Reach

Summer aspires to network with other artists and entrepreneurs, aiming to expand her reach and continue her artistic and healing journey.

The Impact of a Diverse Creative Community

Bespoke House has served as a source of inspiration for Summer. The diverse crowd of members and the community's commitment to bringing creative minds together have significantly impacted her endeavors.

Advice for Aspiring First Coast Artisans

Alleviating Anxiety and Fostering Self-Love

Summer is motivated to offer methods to alleviate anxiety and fear, and increase self-love and confidence through positive communication, reiki classes, and art journeys. Her advice to aspiring artisans is to find their unique voice and use their craft to promote healing and self-acceptance.


Summer Van Mun’s artistic journey is a testament to the healing power of art. From escaping life’s pains to finding solace in various mediums, Summer’s story is one of courage, love, and acceptance. As she continues to expand her reach and inspire others, Summer’s creations will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the world of healing artistry.


  1. What mediums does Summer Van Mun specialize in? Summer specializes in a variety of mediums including fascial and energy mobilization, herbalism, pyrography, multi-media, poetry, and thoughts.

  2. How did Summer start her journey in art? Summer began her artistic journey as a means to escape physical and emotional pain, finding solace and validation in her craft from a young age.

  3. What is Summer’s favorite piece of art that she has created? Her favorite piece is a coy fish, a pyrography piece finished with watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil, measuring 51" x 10".

  4. What are Summer’s future goals in her artistic journey? Summer aims to network with other artists and entrepreneurs and expand her reach, inspired by the diverse community at Bespoke House.

  5. What advice does Summer have for aspiring artists? Summer encourages aspiring artists to alleviate anxiety and foster self-love through their craft, promoting healing and positive communication.

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