How a Jacksonville Coworking Space Bespoke House Uses Art To Build Community

How a Jacksonville Coworking Space Bespoke House Uses Art To Build Community

How A Jacksonville Coworking Space Uses Art To Build Community

  • In an increasingly crowded market, it can be tough for independent coworking spaces to differentiate themselves.
  • The Bespoke House, a Jacksonville-based flexible workspace, differentiates its offering through art.
  • Art can help build community by forming closer bonds through open discussions.

Jacksonville is a hotbed of coworking spaces. In a competitive industry, it can be tough for independent coworking spaces to stand out – particularly when they’re new on the scene.

However, Jacksonville workspace Bespoke House has found a way to differentiate its offering through art, which enables them to simultaneously support the community both inside and outside its walls.

When Bespoke House’s founding partner Michael Armanno launched the development of the coworking space in August this year, he made sure their arrival was noticed.

“We have partnered with an artist to design the exterior of the building and, as far as eye-catching and innovation, there has been nothing like it in the city, possibly not even in the state,” said Armanno.

Bespoke House Artisan Coworking Space Develops AI Living Mural Project in Jacksonville FL
The Bespoke House, conveniently located at Park and Blanding to offer creators, digital nomads, crafters, and artisans of all varieties custom workspaces and resources to suit their needs.

“We wanted something bold, to give us an identity that you can recognize. It’s definitely becoming something of a talking point in the area, and we haven't even started. So it’s already doing what we wanted it to do."


The Bespoke House aims to become synonymous with art, but not just because of its unusual exterior.

Through a partnership with Cook Technology, Founder Bill Cook shares his talent for cross platform functionality to produce unique results by blending a background in technology and art.

The Bespoke House mission is to provide a springboard powered by technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit empowered by Master Artisans from around the First Coast. Bespoke House will do this by fostering the following values: a greater purpose beyond profit, spontaneous collaboration, and ground-breaking innovation.

That is why Bespoke House has begun a Crowdsourcing Effort to engage the community in Jacksonville, Florida, to support and develop a culture of appreciation for the arts. The funds will be put toward several creative projects, workspaces, and resources for the artisan community.

Bespoke House in Jacksonville FL Launches Crowdsourcing Campaign for Artisan Coworking Space

Jacksonville has a vibrant community of artisans who work with a variety of mediums. There are a number of office style coworking spaces, offering your traditional corporate workplace environment, and a handful of great industrial workspaces. Some of the benefits of a serviced office like these apply to a number artists and other creatives. While the rest of the country features plenty of niche coworking space concepts, until now Jacksonville has had limited options for creators, digital nomads, and niche artisans who may not adapt to the standard coworking environment. Local artists and creatives in Jacksonville now have their own kind of coworking space conveniently located at Park and Blanding that provide amenities geared toward their interests; Bespoke House.

Is it worth the extra effort?

While the benefits of a traditional serviced office apply for nearly all spaces you may consider, there are some key features at Bespoke House that will make the space stand out for artists and creatives.

1. A Vibrant Work Environment With a vibrant work environment, you will find it much easier to get inspiration. The Bespoke House offers a comfortable vibe, design, architecture, and location that can cater to your work process.

2. An Inspiring Community The community is a crucial part of any coworking space and for creators and artists, engaging in useful relationships and conversation is a necessity. Our community features a number of artists who are willing to exchange useful feedback with you, collaborate on ideas, or even just offer a hand.

3. Amenities You Need to Be Creative Finally, Bespoke House aims to offer all of the amenities that you require to be creative. At the very least, you need enough physical space to work on your project, and that may include plenty of table space, shelves for equipment, or anything else you need. Our Library will include a wealth of resources as well as business services, production equipment, and more.

Building interactions through art

Bespoke House delivers coworking, creative workspaces, and artist studios at affordable prices located conveniently in Avondale. There is a range of studios to appeal to all creatives, including animators, fashion designers, DJs, musicians, digital media artists, fine artists, and more. You will find design workstations and workshop areas in addition to other typical coworking amenities, such as meeting rooms.

This space is a management commons for people, organizations, and projects in preservation, heritage, or the arts. This is much more than a coworking space, we also aim to provide project management, payroll, legal support, and more business services through our referral program.

Bespoke House harnesses the community of professional artisans, and offers plenty of space and a resource library that is staffed by our members.

Our studio will combine a collaborative workspace with a studio, production equipment, and other amenities ideal for creators. We also partner with photographers for local projects and host featured works in our gallery.

Bespoke House was created to appeal to artisans, putting tech startups, small business, as well as creatives and artists in the same space. Our adaptable spaces help musicians with networking as well as creativity.

The Glass House offers a conference/meeting space. This space includes opportunities for yoga classes, workshops, presentations and plenty of room for members to explore and work.

Bespoke House offers “work+space+art.” In addition to spaces for working and events, there is also a gallery, perfect for getting inspiration or receiving useful feedback from others.

Bespoke House is a shared office and coworking space that combines creativity and wellness with traditional coworking amenities.

The Bespoke House was specifically designed for creatives that include independent artists, bands, technologists, and producers in music and a variety of creative arts.

Our community creates art and technology to support the artists. The sense of community inspires creativity, allows for feedback, and helps with networking, so artists can get their foot in the door and use our house as a springboard for their futures.

Bespoke House Artisan Coworking Community Fundraising to Open New Space in Jacksonville FL
“Art is so subjective. It opens discussions and encourages conversations.”

While this concept seems to have appeared as a result of the changing workplace culture, the shared workspace idea has been used as early as the 15th Century. As described by the Harvard Business Review, "the way they function reminds me of a very old idea: the Renaissance “bottega” (workshop) of 15th-century Florence, in which master artists were committed to teaching new artists, talents were nurtured, new techniques were at work, and new artistic forms came to light with artists competing among themselves but also working together." This very description relates the need for artisan spaces and is the driving force behind Jacksonville's Bespoke House. 

Yardi Kube August Webinar
Bespoke House Corwdsourcing Fundraiser to Open Artisan Coworking Space in Jacksonville FL
“When people see the space, it’s a mind change. We have a successful niche here.”

By partnering with Bespoke House you reach a group of talented forward-thinkers that are using our co-working space and professional network to grow themselves and their businesses.

Interested in Sponsoring Bespoke House?

Bespoke House is an Artisan Coworking Space. With convenient access from Park and Blanding: creators, digital nomads, crafters, and artisans of all varieties can find custom workspaces and resources to suit their needs.

Bespoke House was created in cooperation by local creators Blind Bear Art, Fistpickle Glass, and Kalypso Couture.

For inquiries:
4624 Park Street

Jacksonville, FL 32205

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