Embark on an Artistic Odyssey at the Quiet Space Mural Party

Embark on an Artistic Odyssey at the Quiet Space Mural Party

Join Bespoke House for a Galactic Gathering of Creativity and Celestial Splendor

Bespoke House is over the moon to invite all aspiring artists, cosmic creatives, and starry-eyed enthusiasts to our highly anticipated event—the Quiet Space Mural Party. Get ready to launch your imagination into orbit and embark on an interstellar journey where participants will have the stellar opportunity to contribute their artistic brilliance to the celestial canvas of our Campus.

Witness the Birth of a Celestial Masterpiece

Prepare for an awe-inspiring moment as we unveil a breathtaking new mural that will transport you to another dimension. This celestial masterpiece, crafted by the genius of our featured artist, Drake Arnold, will ignite the spark of wonder within your soul. With brush strokes that mimic shooting stars and colors that dance like galaxies, Drake's artistic prowess will leave you starstruck.

Become a Cosmic Creator

But that's not all, intrepid artists! As part of this astronomical gathering, we invite you to leave your artistic mark on our exterior fence—an opportunity to sprinkle stardust across our canvas and contribute to the cosmic beauty of our city. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner just discovering your creative constellations, this event welcomes all, regardless of skill level or experience.

Fuel Our Creative Mission

To participate in this cosmic odyssey, we kindly suggest a Twenty Knots Membership or a donation of Montana Spray Paint. Your contributions will help us continue our mission to beautify Bespoke House and the universe beyond. Together, we can ignite a supernova of artistic expression and make our city shine brighter than ever before.

Prepare for Liftoff

Mark your calendars for the Quiet Space Mural Party—an event that promises to be out of this world! Join us on July 15th at 4624 Park Street and prepare for a day filled with cosmic camaraderie, celestial creativity, and intergalactic inspiration. Let's paint the town with the magic of the cosmos and create an art-filled adventure that will be remembered across the galaxy.

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