A New Renaissance for Artisan Spaces

A New Renaissance for Artisan Spaces

Many industries are choosing to embrace the coworking concept. Prior to the pandemic, working from home or a remote office was already on the rise. Since stay at home orders have lifted, many companies have remained remote and have actually started to use remote work as a recruiting tool. This has especially been the case with digital nomads, creators, and artisans of many varieties who have an increased need for space and resources outside of the traditional office environment. 

Bespoke House is an Artisan Coworking Space.

While this concept seems to have appeared as a result of the changing workplace culture, the shared workspace idea has been used as early as the 15th Century. As described by the Harvard Business Review, "the way they function reminds me of a very old idea: the Renaissance “bottega” (workshop) of 15th-century Florence, in which master artists were committed to teaching new artists, talents were nurtured, new techniques were at work, and new artistic forms came to light with artists competing among themselves but also working together." This very description relates the need for artisan spaces and is the driving force behind Jacksonville's Bespoke House. 

Bespoke House is an Artisan Coworking Space.
Bespoke House is an Artisan Coworking Space. With convenient access from Park and Blanding: creators, digital nomads, crafters, and artisans of all varieties can find custom workspaces and resources to suit their needs.

This space values the art of creation and caters to artisans, craftsmen, and artists. Here, our community can meet and work together with other painters, sculptures, crafters and other artists. We will blend the arts and sciences to showcase our members through a variety of galleries, events, projects, and niche artisan merchants. Our members will give life to the creative community in Jacksonville and will inspire aesthetic and expressive ways to share social and economic mythos. The entrepreneurial spirit will develop new ways of working together, designing and delivering high quality artisan goods and services. 

We aim to build communities of creativity and innovation where dreams, passions, and projects can come together in a physical space and grow beyond the bounds of our walls. Our members include apprentices, workers, artisans, engineers, budding artists, and guest artists who are independent, with a passion for sharing experience and knowledge. This allows Bespoke House to spot new talent, broker connections, and mentor younger artists, guiding our members to success through interpersonal and professional growth.

Until now, Jacksonville has offered limited space and resources for more innovative and collaborative artisans. Bespoke House provides a space where turning ideas into action, fostering dialogue, and facilitating the convergence of art and science is at the heart of our mission.

Bespoke House is an Artisan Coworking Space

Turning ideas into action. Bespoke House is not only an inspiring venue for new ideas; we also help turn ideas into reality. Innovative workspace needs to be equipped with everything people need to turn their insights, inspirations, and mental representations into new products and ventures. Our resource library and members offer a wealth of knowledge to bring your vision to life. 

Fostering dialogue. Our members communicate with each other consistently to provide an understanding of their needs. The shared spaces create an environment to encourage thorough discussion of creative vision and problem solving. We recognize a need for a space to host these challenging and enlightening conversations to better understand our community. A creative workspace like Bespoke House is important to offer an opportunity to critically consider opposing ideas and controversial opinions that develop important innovation and expression.

Facilitating the convergence of art and science. While art and culture is at the heart of our mission, the truth is that we must keep our focus on the future of self expression by utilizing technology in developing concepts and projects through: Artificial Intelligence, Smart Technology, Media Production, and Tools. That is why it is important to invite members in IT, Digital Content Creation, Engineering, and more. This approach will allow us to break down the walls between industries and encourage them to work together for a common goal. Some of the most exciting business developments come from the collision of technological advancement and aesthetic beauty.

Bespoke House was created in cooperation by local creators Blind Bear Art, Fistpickle Glass, and Kalypso Couture. 

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For inquiries: BespokeHouse904@gmail.com
Visit us at 4624 Park Street
Jacksonville, FL 32205

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