The Artistic Journey of John Hawkins: A Confluence of Medium, Mental Health, and Mastery

The Artistic Journey of John Hawkins: A Confluence of Medium, Mental Health, and Mastery

The Artistic Journey of John Hawkins: A Confluence of Medium, Mental Health, and Mastery

The Artistic Journey of John Hawkins: A Confluence of Medium, Mental Health, and Mastery


John Hawkins, a name that resonates in the contemporary art world, has carved a niche for himself with his distinctive style that intertwines acrylic paint, alcohol/water-based graffiti markers, and canvas. His artistic expressions are not just visually striking but are deeply rooted in his personal mental health journey. In this article, we delve into the world of John Hawkins, exploring his medium, inspiration, and the profound impact of his work.

The Genesis of John Hawkins' Artistic Career

John's artistic odyssey commenced in 2018 with an unconventional canvas – bicycles. What started as a hobby, painting on bicycles and their components, soon evolved into a profound passion. However, John soon realized that his artistic aspirations were beyond the confines of bicycle frames. He transitioned to canvas, where he found the true expression of his art. This shift marked the beginning of a new chapter, where each artwork became a testament to his personal growth and healing.

Exploring the Mediums: Acrylic, Graffiti Markers, and Canvas

John Hawkins' choice of mediums – acrylic paint, graffiti markers, and canvas – offers a fascinating study in contrasts and harmony. Acrylics provide the vibrancy and depth in his work, while the graffiti markers add a contemporary edge, allowing him to incorporate intricate details and bold lines that are so characteristic of his style. The canvas, his final choice, serves as the foundation where these elements coalesce, creating a unique visual language that speaks volumes of his journey.

Art as a Reflection of Mental Health

John Hawkins' art is deeply intertwined with his personal journey through mental health. His pieces are a vivid portrayal of emotions, with colors and curved lines symbolizing the progression in his healing, while the corners, edges, and squared shapes represent his struggles with depression. This personal touch not only adds depth to his art but also makes it a medium for open discussions about mental health.

“Life in This World”: A Masterpiece of Contrast and Self-Perception

Among John’s creations, “Life in This World” stands out as his favorite. This piece juxtaposes blank, simple, colorless characters against a bright and diverse background, mirroring how John views himself in the world. The creative process behind this piece, as well as its layered meanings, makes it a significant work in John's portfolio.

The Creative Process: A Love for Bold Lines

The creative process for John Hawkins is culminated by adding solid, bold lines at the end of each piece. This signature technique brings a definitive edge to his work, showcasing his confidence in his artistic voice. The bold lines are not just a part of the artwork; they are a statement of John’s artistic identity.

John Hawkins' Evolution as an Artist

From a hobbyist painter on bicycles to a profound canvas artist, John Hawkins has undergone a significant evolution. This journey is marked by an ever-growing exploration of styles and techniques, reflecting his maturing perspective both as an artist and an individual.

Future Aspirations: Sharing Art with the World

Looking ahead, John aims to share his art with a wider audience, hoping that people can find their own interpretations and emotions in his work. His future goals revolve around making a global impact through his art and continuing his journey of personal and professional growth.

The Influence of Bespoke House

As a member, he found the confidence to showcase his work publicly, which has been instrumental in his development as an artist. The support and exposure provided by Bespoke House have been invaluable to him.

Advice for Aspiring First Coast Artisans

John’s advice to aspiring artists is simple yet profound: create art for oneself, without the constraints of external opinions. He emphasizes the importance of artistic freedom and self-expression, encouraging upcoming artists to follow their instincts and passions.

Connecting with John Hawkins: Social Media and Online Presence

For those interested in following John's journey or viewing more of his work, his Instagram account @_modernslow_ serves as a window into his world. The role of social media in promoting and connecting artists with their audience has never been more crucial, and John’s presence on these platforms is both engaging and inspiring.

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