Empowering Local Black Artists: Lydia-Rose Hanson's Inspiring Journey

Empowering Local Black Artists: Lydia-Rose Hanson's Inspiring Journey

Empowering Local Black Artists: Lydia-Rose Hanson's Inspiring Journey

Lydia-Rose Hanson is a dynamic curator dedicated to amplifying local black artists and uplifting the creative community in Jacksonville. Her mission is to foster intergenerational relationships among artists, building a stronger foundation for the local artistic community.

Origin Story

Lydia-Rose's journey began with her involvement in 904ward’s Student Advocacy Training Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying black voices in Jacksonville. This experience cultivated her passion for creating platforms for marginalized artists. Partnering with Moving The Margins, she brought her vision to life, launching “The Backyard” and completing three successful installments. Throughout this process, she rebranded herself, supported local artists and vendors, and established valuable partnerships, including one with Riverside Publix. Lydia-Rose credits her success to her support system and the classes she took at the University of North Florida (UNF).

The Creative Process

Lydia-Rose finds joy in creating content for events and promoting them. Acting as both the creative director and the face of her projects, she brings an element of fun to the often stressful process. Her passion for creativity shines through in every event she organizes.

Favorite Installment

Among her many projects, Lydia-Rose's favorite is the third installment of “The Backyard,” a collaboration with local curator Bee. This event provided her with valuable insights into curating and marketing, expanded her vendor list, and introduced her to emerging artists in Jacksonville. This collaboration marked a significant milestone in her career, enhancing her skills and broadening her network.

Future Goals

Lydia-Rose aims to explore more resources in Jacksonville to further expand the local creative community. She is dedicated to creating opportunities for artists to thrive and build a strong artistic foundation in the area.

Bespoke House Collaboration

Currently, Lydia-Rose is collaborating with Bespoke House to organize a panel discussion aimed at educating the community about available resources for local artists. This partnership with Bespoke House has been instrumental in her efforts to support and uplift the creative community in Jacksonville.

Advice for Aspiring Artisans

Lydia-Rose encourages aspiring First Coast artisans to embrace failure as a part of the creative process. She believes that each failure is a catalyst for producing meaningful work that the community needs. Her advice is to persist through challenges and continue creating, as it leads to growth and success.

Lydia-Rose Hanson's dedication to amplifying local black artists and fostering intergenerational relationships is inspiring. Her journey, from her initial involvement with 904ward to her current collaboration with Bespoke House, showcases her commitment to building a vibrant creative community in Jacksonville. Follow Lydia-Rose on her artistic journey and support her mission to uplift and empower local artists.

Follow Lydia-Rose Hanson on Instagram: @lydia.rroseee

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