Amber Lee: A Journey from Intuition to Fearless Creation

Amber Lee: A Journey from Intuition to Fearless Creation

Name: Amber Lee

Medium: Abstract, Assemblage, Painting, Illustration, Printmaking, Fiber Arts, Digital Collage, Installation. Key materials include mixed media, acrylic, ink, gouache, and more.



Inspiration: Amber draws inspiration from the inherent compulsion to create, comparing it to primal needs like breathing or eating. For her, creation isn't a choice, but a necessity. She relishes the connections her art forms and the unexpected paths it leads her on.

Origin Story: Amber's artistic roots stretch back to her early days, but her exploration into abstract mediums blossomed in college. She indulged in experimentation, from wax and concrete to kitchen discoveries. This phase of her life was tinted with challenges, being a young, single parent. Art offered her a platform to be heard, to be real. Post-college, she immersed herself in the beauty industry, prioritizing family and career for a decade. Now, with her children stepping into the world of academia, Amber is reconnecting with her artistic passions. While her art is largely abstract and intuitive, she does dabble in themes such as figure drawing and plein air. Her projects usually germinate from a color palette or repetitive patterns. She cites a quote by Willem Defoe, emphasizing the importance of fearless creation, "Try to fail. Try to make a bad painting. You have to find ways to not worry and let yourself be free."

Favorite Part of Creative Process: Feedback holds a special place for Amber. She treasures insights from fellow artists as they often reveal facets of herself she hasn't realized.

Favorite Creation: "Sentient Memories" – An installation piece, it's a testament to her boundary-pushing approach. She took on a challenge, sending this piece to a gallery she believed wouldn't be interested, and was pleasantly surprised.

Future Goals: Amber aspires to sustain herself through her creations and foster partnerships that uplift the community and enrich the lives of fellow creatives.

Bespoke House Inspiration: A new member of Bespoke House, Amber's introduction was an open house event. The experience left her inspired, eager to collaborate, and expand her artistic enterprise.

Advice for First Coast Artisans: Her words of wisdom are simple yet powerful. Create daily, share relentlessly, and always remember that people cherish both you and your art, even if you doubt it.


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Amber!!!!! Great bio! “Sentient Memories” is so breathtaking in person 🥰

Burkelee Stokes

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