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#CancelTheStarvingArtist Unisex Color Blast T-Shirt

#CancelTheStarvingArtist Unisex Color Blast T-Shirt

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The #CanceltheStarvingArtist mission is dedicated to eliminating the stereotype of the "starving artist" by providing resources, support, and opportunities for artists to thrive. We aim to empower creatives to pursue their passions without financial constraints. 

Why We're Raising Money

Funds raised for #CanceltheStarvingArtist go directly towards supporting initiatives such as providing studio space, materials, professional development, and marketing opportunities for artists. By donating, you help create a sustainable future for the First Coast creative class, ensuring they have the means to succeed and flourish in their artistic endeavors.

Join us in supporting the vibrant talent of our community and help cancel the starving artist narrative once and for all. Your contribution makes a significant impact on the lives of these artists, allowing them to continue to create and inspire.

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