Visit our Partnering Locations this Weekend!

Visit our Partnering Locations this Weekend!

The Bespoke House Partner Program fosters community collaboration by showcasing members of the First Coast Creative Class. This initiative blends immersive experiences, featured galleries, and access to vital space and resources, all aimed at highlighting the diverse talents within our local creative ecosystem. Through strategic partnerships, the program amplifies the visibility of artists, providing them with the platforms and support needed to flourish. This synergistic approach not only enriches our artistic community but also strengthens the cultural fabric of the First Coast.

Thanks to our Partnering Locations

The Tiny Little Tech Shop

San Marco


2000-4 Hendricks Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32207

With Jacksonville's large geo-social spread, there are many diverse (often polarizing) sub-cultures that pop up around the city. At the Tiny Little Tech Shop, we are firmly committed to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each part of our great town. San Marco is a heavily community-driven sub-region of the City, and as a second-generation resident of San Marco, Owner and Senior Consultant Aaron Edelson has the insight to create a destination worthy of the Square. Aaron has been making a positive impact throughout Northeast Florida for over 3 years through his other venture, By-the-Hour Tech, LLC, which has now become our parent company. The atmosphere here is different from the typical "tech shop." It starts with the personal attention and respect that we show for each and every valued client, and goes right down to the way we approach reducing our environmental footprint through new technologies as well as conservation, recycling, and the use of eco-friendly products.

Players by the Sea's Grune Family Gallery


106 N 6th St, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


For nearly 60 years, Players by the Sea has presented productions that are engaging, thought-provoking, emotionally stimulating and entertaining through the extraordinary support and dedication from community volunteers. Bespoke House is proud to curate the Grune Family Gallery for the 2024 Season.


The Little Lotus Studios

What We Offer:

Curated Eight-Week Gallery Exhibits:

Transform your business space with stunning art from members of our extensive artisan community. Every eight weeks, we'll curate a new exhibit tailored to your space, showcasing a variety of art forms and styles.

No Charge for Participation:

This program is offered at no cost to our partnering locations. Our goal is to foster community connections and provide a platform for local artists.

Exposure Through Digital Media Outlets:

Partnering with Bespoke House means receiving exposure through our digital media channels. Your business will be featured across our platforms, reaching a wide audience of creatives and art enthusiasts.

Engage with a Vibrant Community:

Attract the attention of a diverse and vibrant community of creatives and their patrons, enhancing your business's foot traffic and customer engagement.

Benefits to Your Business:

Cultural Enrichment.

Beautify and enliven your space with ever-changing artworks, creating an attractive and culturally rich environment for your customers.

Brand Enhancement:

Align your brand with the arts, demonstrating support for the local creative community and enriching your brand's image.

Networking Opportunities:

Forge connections with local artists, creatives, and a broader audience, opening the door to potential collaborations and business opportunities.


For businesses seeking to deepen their engagement with the arts community, we offer additional sponsorship packages. These include:

Multi Media Production Services:

Enhance your brand with digital content creation, event hosting, and campaign collaborations.

Customized Sponsorship Solutions:

Tailor a sponsorship package that aligns with your business goals and marketing strategies.


Join Us:

Embrace this opportunity to become a hub of creativity and culture in the First Coast. To learn more about becoming a partnering location or to explore our sponsorship opportunities, visit Bespoke House Become a Sponsor

Together, let's weave a vibrant tapestry of art, community, and business success!
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