From Graffiti to Gallery: The Evolution of an Artist

From Graffiti to Gallery: The Evolution of an Artist

Miles Wickham aka RESKEW: A Journey Through Abstract Art and Graffiti

Miles Wickham, widely recognized by his alias RESKEW, has journeyed from the dynamic streets of New York City to the polished interiors of galleries, evolving from a graffiti enthusiast to an accomplished abstract artist. His medium of choice spans across spray paint, acrylic, and oil, revealing a versatile approach to art. Inspired by the depths of his subconscious, Wickham's creations emerge as spontaneous expressions of his inner experiences.


The Spark of Creativity: Origins of an Artist's Path

At the tender age of 15, Wickham's artistic voyage took its first significant leap amidst the vibrant chaos of New York City's graffiti scene. It was here that he honed his skills, gradually transitioning into the realm of abstract art. This shift wasn't just a change in medium, but a deeper exploration of art's essence, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless pursuit of self-expression.

The Artistic Process: A Glimpse into Creation

For Wickham, the true joy of art-making lies in the act of painting itself and the unfolding of a piece's narrative. This process is not just about applying paint to a surface but engaging in a dialogue with the canvas, where each stroke contributes to a larger story.

A Masterpiece on Waves: The Surfboard Revelation

Among Wickham's extensive portfolio, one piece stands out—a surfboard painted live in a Patagonia store in New York City. This piece epitomizes his spontaneous creativity, fueled by the live setting and the unique contours of the surfboard. It is a testament to his ability to find harmony and balance, guided by the natural shape of the canvas.

Aspirations Unfold: The Future of Artistic Expression

Looking ahead, Wickham aspires to share his artistic vision with a broader audience, hoping to inspire others through his work. His participation in his first art show in Jacksonville, facilitated by Bespoke House, marks a significant milestone in his journey, expanding his horizons and fostering connections within the art community.

Empowering First Coast Artisans: Words of Wisdom

For those embarking on their own artistic quests, Wickham advises a heartfelt approach. Create from the depths of your soul, for it is authenticity that resonates most profoundly with audiences.

A Visual Journey: Featuring the Art of Miles Wickham

Wickham's artistry is best experienced through a visual lens, with several pieces selected to illustrate the depth and diversity of his work. These images, ranging from the fluidity of the surfboard masterpiece to the intricate details of other works, offer a glimpse into his creative universe.

Stay Connected: Follow the Artist's Path

To explore more of Wickham's art and journey, follow him on Instagram at, where his latest creations and artistic endeavors are regularly showcased.

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