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The Drip: Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

The Drip: Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

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Introducing "The Drip" Single Origin Guatemalan coffee, aged for 30 days in a Bourbon barrel and then expertly roasted to order for Bespoke House. This coffee is a true representation of the art of coffee-making, with each step carefully crafted to bring out the best possible flavor and aroma.

Our coffee beans are sourced from small-scale coffee farmers in Guatemala, who use sustainable, eco-friendly practices to produce the finest quality Arabica beans. These beans are then aged for 30 days in Bourbon barrels, where they absorb the rich, woody notes of the barrel's previous contents. The result is a deep, complex flavor profile that is both smooth and bold.

Once aged, the beans are roasted to order for Bespoke House. The roasting process is carefully calibrated to bring out the unique notes of the Bourbon barrel aging, resulting in a coffee that is both rich and nuanced. And with each sip, you can taste the care and craftsmanship that went into creating this exceptional brew.

But that's not all - each purchase of "The Drip" coffee supports our artisan community. We are proud to work with small-scale coffee farmers and roasters who use sustainable, eco-friendly practices in their craft. By purchasing our coffee, you are not only treating yourself to a delicious cup of coffee, but you are also supporting the livelihoods of these skilled artisans and our local artisan community.

And for our subscribers, we offer complimentary shipping with each order, so you can enjoy the convenience of having your coffee delivered right to your door every month. With The Drip, you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee while supporting a sustainable, community-driven economy. Order your bag today and experience the taste of excellence.

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