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Support Bespoke House

Support Bespoke House

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Bespoke House is an Artisan Coworking Space. With convenient access from Park and Blanding: creators, digital nomads, crafters, and artisans of all varieties can find custom workspaces and resources to suit their needs.

Bespoke House was created in cooperation by local creators Blind Bear art, Fistpickle Glass, and Kalypso Couture.

We are aiming for a fall open and as we work on developing our artisan coworking space your contributions will help us highlight our creators and provide resources, workspaces, and opportunities for a variety of artists.  

For inquiries:

#BlindbearArt #HashtownHeights #FistPickle #Glass #KalypsoCouture #CustomSuits #BespokeTailoring #BespokeJax #Jacksonville #TwentyKnots #BespokeBasics #BespokeHouse

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