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Garden Club

Garden Club

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Membership Plans

The Garden Club at Bespoke House is a vibrant and flourishing community dedicated to enhancing the beauty of our campus while nurturing our core values. Rooted in our mission to empower Master Artisans from around the First Coast through technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, the Garden Club offers a unique opportunity for members to connect with nature and each other, further enriching our artisan coworking community.

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Bespoke House

As a member of the Bespoke House Garden Club, you'll be part of a collective effort to create a greener, more inviting environment on our campus. By participating in gardening projects, you'll not only help enhance the aesthetic appeal of Bespoke House, but also contribute to our goal of fostering a greater purpose beyond profit. Our thriving gardens serve as a symbol of our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, reflecting our dedication to creating a better world for future generations.

Form Meaningful Connections with Fellow Artisans

The Garden Club also provides a platform for spontaneous collaboration, as members from various fields and backgrounds come together to share their expertise, skills, and passion for gardening. Through hands-on experiences, workshops, and social events, you'll have the chance to form meaningful connections with fellow artisans, sparking innovative ideas and cultivating a sense of camaraderie.

Join an Inspiring and Supportive Community

By joining the Bespoke House Garden Club, you'll be part of an inspiring and supportive community that promotes ground-breaking innovation while nurturing a love for nature and the environment. Together, we can create a beautiful, sustainable campus that uplifts and inspires everyone who visits Bespoke House.

Garden Club Meetup

Join us on Sundays starting at 5pm for our weekly Garden Club meetup, followed by meditation and light yoga in the garden at sunset.

Membership Options

  • $45 Garden Club Basic Membership: Includes weekly meetups, monthly market meetup, and access to the community garden and shared projects.
  • $150 Club Pass + Half Plot: Includes access to the vendor market to sell or share, and a half plot.
  • $245 Garden Club + Full Plot: Includes access to the vendor market to sell or share, and a full plot.
  • $500 Small Batch Producers Collective: Ideal for local farms or micro producers who wish to support and share within our network of cultivators. Includes access to the vendor market to sell or share, and sponsorship signage in your plot.
  • Additional plots can be set up and running within two weeks of purchase. Additional offerings for home plots and gardens maintained and harvested by our team. Ask our Garden Club Leaders for more information.

Benefits for Bespoke House Members

All members of Bespoke House receive a complimentary garden club membership. Bespoke House members also receive gifts from the Garden Club every quarter featuring yields from the garden, tools, resources, and more from members of Bespoke House. The Garden Club also hosts large events during the spring and fall.

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