Bespoke House Artisan Design Competition presented by Chef Rosaria’s Artisan Food Lab

Food lovers, get ready for a culinary experience unlike any other. Introducing Chef Rosaria’s Artisan Food Lab at Bespoke House. A unique culinary journey where professionals and beginners can return and explore with a hands-on experience. The food lab provides the tools and space to unleash your artistic freedom to create and push the boundaries of traditional cuisine. Owned and operated by renowned Chef Rosaria of "Thischickcancook", and Laura Kunreuther, former Paramount Pictures Sr. V.P. of marketing, along with the Bespoke House, Chef Rosaria's Artisan Food Lab allows for an opportunity to return to your art.

The Bespoke House is a Springboard powered by technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, empowered by Master Artisans from around the First Coast.

Chef Rosaria, who brings 30 years of extensive Food & Beverage  industry knowledge in traditional, contemporary, & International cuisine to the lab, continues to serve as a mentor and guide to the artisans, helping them to refine their skills and bring their unique creations to fruition.

At Chef Rosaria’s Artisan Food Lab, members are free to explore new flavors, ingredients, and techniques, while staying true to their own unique style. The result is a constantly evolving and ever-changing menu that is sure to delight even the most discerning foodies. From pop up advantages to a quiet space to create menus, books, photos, creating an online presence, the results are limitless.

Bespoke House Artisan Design Competition presented by Chef Rosaria’s Artisan Food Lab

Location: Bespoke House

4624 Park Street

Jacksonville, FL 32205


  • Meet & Greet with Chef Rosaria and Ms. Laura Kunreuther 
  • Tour of Chef Rosaria’s Artisan Food Lab
  • Tour of Bespoke House Artisan Coworking Community
  • Ask questions. Apply Online!

Application Submission Deadline: March 31st, 2023

Design Submission Requirements:

  • Design for Chef Rosaria’s Artisan Food Lab
  • Cost of materials outlined
  • Medium of design
  • Design should be submitted in digital format (PDF or JPG)
  • All mediums are accepted
  • Teams welcomed & encouraged

Design Competition Timeline:

  • Design submissions due: March 31st, 2023
  • Artists have 30 days to submit their design
  • Winners will be announced on April 2nd, 2023 via Facebook live and email.
  • Artists will have 90 days to complete the design installation 
  • Reception and Award Ceremony hosted upon completion

Prize: $1500 purse for the winner, sponsored by Chef Rosaria and Laura Kunreuther.

For further information and to apply, please submit the information below. Please include "Design Competition" in the message. Good luck to all participating artists!