Bespoke Capital Advancement Program

Bespoke Capital Advancement (BCA) Loan Terms and Agreements for Bespoke House Members

This document outlines the terms and agreements for the Bespoke Capital Advancement (BCA) loan program, designed exclusively for members of the Bespoke House Artisan Community. The BCA loan program offers a zero percent interest loan to eligible members, subject to the conditions detailed below. By accepting this loan, the member agrees to adhere to these terms and agreements:

1. Eligibility: The BCA loan program is available only to active annual members of the Bespoke House Artisan Community who hold one of the following membership tiers:

  • Master Artisan
  • Resident Artist
  • Artisan

2. Loan Amount and Spending Limit: The loan amount is determined based on the member's annual membership tier. The available loan increments are as follows:

  • Master Artisan: $750 with a monthly spending limit of $3,000
  • Resident Artist: $500 with a monthly spending limit of $2,000
  • Artisan: $150 with a monthly spending limit of $500

3. Loan Purpose: The BCA loan must be used for business-related purposes that align with the member's artisan endeavors and contribute to the growth and development of their creative pursuits.

4. Loan Repayment: The member agrees to complete their annual membership with Bespoke House. Upon completion of the membership, the member will have repaid in full the loan amount at 0% interest and has two options upon completion of utilizing the BCA credit:

  • Rebate: Apply the repaid BCA credit towards a membership renewal for the subsequent year. This will apply as a discounted membership rate for the following year. 
  • Opt for an early repayment and take advantage of your membership and apply for the BCA credit upon renewal of your annual membership. BCA loan balance must be repaid in full prior to the end of the first full year of membership.

5. Pro Forma and Discovery Period: Within 30 days of registering for a Bespoke House membership, the member must provide a detailed pro forma outlining the intended use of the loan funds. This pro forma will include a breakdown of expenses and investments related to the member's artisanal activities.

6. Member Responsibilities: The member acknowledges and agrees to the following responsibilities:

  • Proper utilization of the BCA loan funds as per the pro forma submitted.
  • Adherence to the guidelines and policies of the Bespoke House Artisan Community.
  • Timely repayment of the BCA loan balance if the rebate option is chosen.
  • Early repayment allows you the opportunity to apply again upon renewal of your annual membership.

7. Loan Disbursement and Allocation: The BCA loan will be disbursed to the member upon approval and acceptance of the loan application. The loan funds are to be allocated solely towards the purposes outlined in the approved pro forma.

8. Early Repayment: In the event that the member opts for the rebate option and chooses to repay the BCA loan balance in full prior to the end of the first full year of membership, no interest or penalties will be applied to the repayment.

9. Non-Transferability: The BCA loan and its benefits are non-transferable and can only be utilized by the member who applied for the loan.

10. Modifications and Termination: Bespoke House reserves the right to modify or terminate the BCA loan program at its discretion. Any such changes will be communicated to the members in a timely manner.

By accepting the BCA loan, the member acknowledges their understanding and agreement to these terms and agreements. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in the revocation of BCA loan benefits and other appropriate actions as determined by the Bespoke House Board of Directors.

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