Amber Lee: A Journey of Creating Fearlessly

Amber Lee: A Journey of Creating Fearlessly

Amber Lee is a multi-talented artist who has explored various mediums to express her creativity. From abstract paintings and illustrations to printmaking and fiber arts, she has mastered the art of mixed media, using acrylics, ink, gouache, and digital collage to create stunning works of art. In this article, we'll dive deeper into Amber's art, what inspires her, her origin story, her favorite piece, and her future goals.

Inspiration: Creating Out of Necessity

For Amber, creating art is a compulsive act, much like breathing or eating. She is inspired by the notion that artists create out of necessity, driven by an inner compulsion to express themselves. Every day, she makes something, just for the sake of making it, and then puts it out into the world. This act of creation brings connections and takes her to places she never expected.

Origin Story: Rediscovering Creativity

Amber has been an artist her entire life, but she really tapped into abstract ideals while in college for fine arts. She explored working with wax, concrete, fibers, and anything she could find in her kitchen. It was a time of messy, crazy creation, but it was also a lot of fun. At the time, Amber was a young, single parent and felt extremely isolated in her world. Art became a way for her to express herself freely and feel acknowledged.

After college, Amber went to beauty school and focused on her career in the beauty industry for the next 10 years, raising her family. Now, as her children are entering college, she is rediscovering her need for autonomy and the ability to express herself freely through her art. Immersing herself in a community of other artists has also been a catalyst for creating, sharing, and participating.

Amber's work is abstract and intuitive, and she challenges herself by working off of themes such as figure drawing and plein air. The seed of any project is usually a color combination or a repetitive pattern, but she typically just dives in and sees what happens. Amber has taken the pressure to perform away, and it has freed her to create fearlessly.

Favorite Part of the Creative Process

Amber's favorite part of the creative process is being critiqued by other artists. Everyone has a unique perspective, and she always learns something new about herself that other people see. This feedback allows her to grow as an artist and refine her craft.

Favorite Piece: Sentient Memories

"Sentient Memories" is an installation-type piece that Amber is proud of because she challenged herself to see if she could get it into a gallery that she didn't think would accept it. She pushed boundaries and surpassed her expectations, creating a piece that resonated with both her and her audience.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Amber's goal is to make a living through creating and building partnerships to better the community and the quality of life for all creatives. She hopes to continue collaborating and creating opportunities to grow her business and expand her reach.

How Bespoke House Inspired Amber's Journey

As a new member of Bespoke House, Amber is inspired to collaborate and create opportunities to grow her business. She attended an open house with a colleague and had an amazing time, meeting other artists and discovering new possibilities.

Advice for Aspiring Artisans

Amber's advice for aspiring First Coast Artisans is to make something every day and share your art with anyone who will look at it. People love you and your art, even when you don't.



Amber Lee is a talented artist who draws inspiration from the compulsion to create. Her work spans across various mediums, including abstract painting, illustration, printmaking, and fiber arts. Amber's journey started during her college years, where she explored different materials and techniques, and it has led her to rediscover her passion for art after raising her family and focusing on her career in the beauty industry.

One of the most significant things Amber has learned from her art is to take away the pressure to perform, which has allowed her to create fearlessly. She enjoys being critiqued by other artists and learning new things about herself through their unique perspectives. Her favorite piece, "Sentient Memories," is an installation that pushed her boundaries and surpassed her expectations, showcasing her passion and talent.

As Amber continues on her Bespoke journey, she hopes to build partnerships that can better the community and the quality of life for all creatives. Her experience as a new member of Bespoke House has inspired her to collaborate and create opportunities to grow her business. For aspiring First Coast Artisans, Amber advises making something every day and sharing your art with anyone who will look at it.

Overall, Amber Lee's work is an impressive display of her talent and creativity, showcasing her unique style and inspiring others to explore their own artistic passions.

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